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We will be launching a NEW order and delivery calendar starting in January 2021. Areas will order and receive deliveries based on the weeks of the calendar month instead of the current rotating 4 week schedule. Adjustments may be made for holidays, weather, inventory schedules, or the size of the orders. This is a change that many partners have asked about and we are excited to put it into motion to bring some increased consistency to our operations. See notes below and view the calendar HERE. Please note the updates to the order and delivery schedule for DECEMBER.

Join us for a virtual Partner Summit on November 9th, 2020! Thank you to those who joined us! View the recording HERE! Password: AvTy5j5q

The CDC just released guidelines for food pantries and food distributions sites. View those HERE!

Soon we will be updating our weekly email communication to a platform called Constant Contact. When this change happens, there will be a general email that goes out weekly directing you to the PARC for all updates and to find your order time on the order and delivery calendar. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you put your ordering dates in your planner, phone, calendar, etc. so your timeframe isn’t missed since the email will not specifically state when the order time is!

Past Updates - 

Social Security Update - Despite challenges government and businesses face at this time, we want people to know we remain ready and able to help them by phone with most Social Security matters. Your clients can speak with a representative by calling their local Social Security office or our National Number.  We also provide local office phone numbers conveniently online with our Social Security Office Locator. Attached is a flyer/poster that you can customize with the local office number. Although our offices are not providing service for walk-in visitors, we may be able to schedule an appointment for limited, critical issues if we cannot help someone by phone and if they cannot get the information they need or conduct their business online. Please encourage your clients to call or take advantage of our secure and convenient online services to: Apply for Retirement, Disability, and Medicare benefits, Check the status of an application or appeal, Request a replacement Social Security card (in most areas), Print a benefit verification letter, and more.

What to expect in the coming months - Through our continued conversations with Feeding America and USDA we are learning more about what the future of the impact COVID will have on the economy as well as what our charitable feeding network will look like.

North Dakota Hunger Free Garden project - By participating, your pantry will be pinned on the Hunger Free Garden map and you will be mailed documents, including the "We accept produce donations" flyer. Please report the weights of produce donations you receive in the Hunger Free Garden row in the statistics entry page and we will send those to Jamie. This is only for our North Dakota partners. Additional information can be found on their website. If you are intersted in participating, please send your responses to the questions below to Jamie at so you can be included in the project!

North Dakota SMART RESTART Protocols - From We encourage North Dakotans to embrace this ND Smart Restart plan as a roadmap to a better, safer and healthier tomorrow for employers, employees and customers alike. This applies not only to those businesses affected by executive orders, but to all businesses as we enter this new normal. Find more information HERE and download a list of standards for all industries HERE.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR CLIENTS STORIES -  We want to show the impact of those in need.  If you have a client who may be interested in sharing their story, please email Jared at for more details. This is an incredible opportunity to lift up the important work that’s being done in ND.

WIC is open to working and non-working families, including those who are recently unemployed. Participants in programs like Medicaid, TANF or SNAP are automatically income eligible. Families may qualify for WIC by meeting the income guidelines for the household (for example, a family of four, can earn up to $47,638 a year, or $3,970 per month and qualify). Individuals who are pregnant, have a new baby or children under age 5 might also be eligible for WIC.”

SNAP -  If you are looking for more ways to help people access food during this difficult time, connect them to SNAP! SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program, is the nation’s largest federal nutritional assistance program. It assists single people and families with little or no income to buy food. Our SNAP Outreach Coordinators will help them through the application process. Many people who have not accessed food assistance before are coming to pantry’s for help and might not be aware of where to go for additional assistance. Please consider adding the flyer attached below to the boxes you are prepacking or handing it out to those coming to your sites!  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Flyer

Retail Rescue - The GPFB is continuing all Retail Food Rescue pickups at this time. We encourage those of you that do food rescue to do the same as you are able. Please use caution and best practices as advised by CDC and health department on sanitizing/washing hands, using gloves, and maintaining safe distances. Agencies that pick up at retailers on behalf of the GPFB, please keep us updating on changes you are seeing at the stores. If you are unable to do pickups, please let your retail partner know as soon as possible, and let us know as well and we can see if another partner in your community is able to pick up.

GPFB Updates -

Partner Updates and Suggestions -

Resources:  Use the trusted sources below for information and guidance.

Nancy Carriveau - (701) 476-9126 (Program Director)

Anna Johnson – (701) 361-1004 (Eastern N.D.)

Rachel Monge – (701) 390-2513 (Western N.D.)

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Hunger Solutions Minnesota partners with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Minnesota Department of Human Services-Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), food banks and food pantries to administer Minnesota’s TEFAP program.

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