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Pulse Surveys - GPFB will be sending out short biweekly pulse surveys and we encourage you all to fill it out in order to help us understand the changing landscape of our network during this time. We appreciate the time you put in to these surveys and sharing information.

June 24 Call Updates - 

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North Dakota SMART RESTART Protocols - From We encourage North Dakotans to embrace this ND Smart Restart plan as a roadmap to a better, safer and healthier tomorrow for employers, employees and customers alike. This applies not only to those businesses affected by executive orders, but to all businesses as we enter this new normal. Find more information HERE and download a list of standards for all industries HERE.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR CLIENTS STORIES -  We want to show the impact of those in need. The national PBS affiliate reached out to GPFB to represent ND as part of a national COVID-19 story they are putting together. They are looking for clients who have been impacted by COVID-19 who are willing to share their story. The client would share their story via skype (or some video conferencing) with PBS. If you have a client who may be interested, please email Jared at for more details. This is an incredible opportunity to lift up the important work that’s being done in ND. CLICK HERE for a flyer to give to clients!

Midwest Dairy Opportunities - Midwest Dairy is offering Community Relief Grants to support refrigeration needs of local food pantries. The Grants are only available to dairy farmers who can submit an application for refrigeration to local food pantry. If you are in need of an additional cooler to MOVE DAIRY product, let us know and we can let Midwest Dairy know and they can share your interest with a potential dairy farmer in your area.  We were also contacted by Midwest Dairy on the potential of receiving a financial donation to purchase more dairy products directly from a processer to turn around to GPFB partner agencies. In the latest PULSE survey we inquired about many of your dairy needs and capacity to store and use those products quickly. We will be using that data to share with Midwest Dairy as we continue to explore this opportunity.

Client Survey - Feeding America has a survey for clients to help us learn more about the changes they are facing during this time. Please encourage your clients to take the survey! We have created a postcard for our partners to hand out to your clients.  Postcard for FA Client Survey

WIC is open to working and non-working families, including those who are recently unemployed. Participants in programs like Medicaid, TANF or SNAP are automatically income eligible. Families may qualify for WIC by meeting the income guidelines for the household (for example, a family of four, can earn up to $47,638 a year, or $3,970 per month and qualify). Individuals who are pregnant, have a new baby or children under age 5 might also be eligible for WIC.”

SNAP -  If you are looking for more ways to help people access food during this difficult time, connect them to SNAP! SNAP, formerly known as the food stamp program, is the nation’s largest federal nutritional assistance program. It assists single people and families with little or no income to buy food. Our SNAP Outreach Coordinators will help them through the application process. Many people who have not accessed food assistance before are coming to pantry’s for help and might not be aware of where to go for additional assistance. Please consider adding the flyer attached below to the boxes you are prepacking or handing it out to those coming to your sites!  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Flyer

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Retail Rescue:  The GPFB is continuing all Retail Food Rescue pickups at this time. We encourage those of you that do food rescue to do the same as you are able. Please use caution and best practices as advised by CDC and health department on sanitizing/washing hands, using gloves, and maintaining safe distances. Agencies that pick up at retailers on behalf of the GPFB, please keep us updating on changes you are seeing at the stores. If you are unable to do pickups, please let your retail partner know as soon as possible, and let us know as well and we can see if another partner in your community is able to pick up.

Resources:  Use the trusted sources below for information and guidance.

Nancy Carriveau - (701) 476-9126 (Program Director)

Anna Johnson – (701) 361-1004 (Eastern N.D.)

Rachel Monge – (701) 390-2513 (Western N.D.)

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Hunger Solutions Minnesota partners with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Minnesota Department of Human Services-Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO), food banks and food pantries to administer Minnesota’s TEFAP program.

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Gluten Free Guide for Pantries

How to Make a Meal Kit - Presentation & Guide for Pantries

How to Stock Your Food Pantry for Diabetic Diets - Presentation & Guide for Pantries - Use the front page for a client education resource!

Heart Healthy Diet Education - Presentation & Handout


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