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Phyllis Bauer and Dennis Hickman

Mobile Food Pantry helps create bond between neighbors

Through a number of different circumstances, neighbors Phyllis Bauer and Dennis Hickman have formed a bond. A part of that friendship includes traveling together to the Great Plains Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry when it stops in Milnor. The food they are able to receive there lasts each of them a month and has helped Phyllis fill a void after her husband passed away last year.

Phyllis Bauer and Dennis Hickman have a lot in common, which makes it easy for the set of neighbors to look out for one another.

When Phyllis’s husband passed away last year, Dennis made it a point to stop and check in on his friend each day. He understands how important that is because he, like Phyllis, is also a widow.

Along with both being retired and in their mid-60s, the two have formed a bond.

Recently, Dennis noticed a change in Phyllis’s health and felt that some healthy food options through the Great Plains Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry would be beneficial. Dennis had been visiting the Mobile Food Pantry for years and when the program was set to be in Milnor, the two decided to ride together.

Phyllis immediately saw lots of variety in the food that was available and especially appreciated the fresh fruits and vegetables. She brought the food home and took great pride is using what she was given to start cooking and baking again. She used the food to not only feed herself but those closest to her. The food they received can last each of them an entire month.

“I am always sharing my baked goods with neighbors,” she said.

The food through the Mobile Food Pantry and company from Dennis has helped to fill a void for Phyllis since the passing of her husband.

Each was quick to show appreciation for bringing the service to the Milnor area.

“This is very helpful and I want to say thank you to everyone involved,” Dennis said.


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