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Gluten Free Food Drive

Host a Gluten Free Food Drive

Families struggling with food insecurity find themselves in an even more difficult situation when one family member requires a gluten-free diet. According to the Gluten-Free Foodbank, gluten-free food is often four to six times more expensive than a regular diet. This product is typically not readily available at most food pantries, shelters or soup kitchens.

Read the Gluten-Free Food Bank's guide for food assistance for organizations to help understand specifics and why providing gluten-free items is crucial HERE.

The Great Plains Food Bank is committed to offering its partner agencies a diverse food supply including gluten-free items and we encourage you to host a gluten-free food drive. This food drive can be conducted the same way as a normal food drive and you can register for appropriate assistance and materials HERE.

Gluten-free food drive possible items list*
Mac and cheese
Specialized cereals
Granola bars
Protein bars
Baking mixes
Sweet and savory soups and stews
Shelf-stable breads
Pizza crusts

*For the gluten-free food drive, each item should specifically state "gluten-free" on the label.

(Items on list are based off recommendations from the Gluten-Free Foodbank)


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