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Give Monthly

Want to make a greater impact in the fight against hunger? Here’s your chance. Become a Feeding Hope Partner and leverage your support as a monthly donor. Every dollar you give provides three meals for hungry families! When you become a Feeding Hope Partner, you join a group of the most dedicated and compassionate supporters in the fight to end hunger and feed hope for our neighbors in need.

Reasons to become a Feeding Hope Partner:
Rewarding– You can feel good knowing your monthly gifts go to work immediately, making a difference in the lives of those impacted by hunger.
Efficiency– Your monthly commitment to end hunger helps us reduce our costs with less mailings and administrative processing, allowing us to use your gifts more effectively.
Convenience– No checks to write, no stamps to buy. Your gifts can be made automatically through your bank accounts or credit card, or you can enroll online. Flexibility– You choose a donation level that works for you.

How to become a Feeding Hope Partner: It’s simple.

Great Plains Food Bank
Attn: Feeding Hope Monthly Giving Program
1720 3rd Ave. N Fargo, ND 58102

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. How can I make my monthly contribution?
A. You can make contributions by having them automatically charged to your credit card or transferred from your bank account on either the first or fifteenth of the month.

Q. Can I sign up online?
A. Yes, just go to our online donation form and choose “I want to become a Feeding Hope Partner.” Type the amount you like to contribute each month and we’ll do the rest.

Q. What if I change my mind?
A. These arrangements remain in effect until you inform us otherwise. You can increase, decrease or even cancel your instructions at any time. Simply notify us in writing at least 10 business days before your next scheduled contribution or call us and we will respond immediately to your request. At the beginning of each year in your year-end statement, we will also provide you with the opportunity to modify these arrangements if you so choose. You can reach our Donor Relations Department at (701) 232-6219. For security reasons, we recommend that donors notify us via telephone if they wish to change or update their credit card information.

Q. Will I receive confirmation of my gifts?
A. Absolutely. Besides the confirmation you’ll receive on your monthly credit card or bank statement, we will prepare an annual statement of your monthly gifts every January, which will serve as your tax receipt for the prior year. If you prefer, gift acknowledgements can be scheduled quarterly or after each donation.

Q. What if I want to write personal checks?
A. Feeding Hope Partners who prefer to write monthly checks are provided with pre-addressed envelopes so that you can send your gifts according to your own schedule.

Q. Why is my membership in the Feeding Hope Monthly Giving Program so important to the Great Plains Food Bank?
A. The Great Plains Food Bank is serving more people than ever before. With even a small commitment each month, you can have a huge effect on the fight against hunger. Feeding Hope Partners help us in several ways. More of your gift is directed toward food and services for the hungry since you are saving us time and money by eliminating gift solicitation appeals and other administrative costs. In addition, you provide a steady year-round stream of resources to help us fight hunger and feed hope. A dependable source of income allows us to plan for the years ahead – budgeting and allocating resources to ensure our network and the people it serves always has a supply of food.

Become a Feeding Hope Monthly Giving Partner Today!


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